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Little Lilas

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In the grape juice industry, many well-known brands initially started as additions to companies specializing in other types of juices. Despite some claiming to have family or farm-oriented roots, their long history raises the challenge of either adhering to tradition or adapting to the modern world.

Little Lilas, however, stands out in this landscape. They are exclusively dedicated to grape juice, crafted by the same family from the same vines for generations. Founded by Marcy Ricke, inspired by cherished memories of making grape juice with her granddaughter, Lila, just as generations before her did. Little Lilas' unique positioning in the market centers around showcasing the company’s heart, embodied by Lila, and fostering a sense of belonging among customers.


Juice is a big part of most people’s childhood, so why, as adults, is it uncommon to drink juice? Studies show it’s because of the unhealthy amount of sugar added and the preference of wine or coffee. Little Lilas mended this gap as a healthy, organic juice that is designed with adults in mind.


Color Palette

Little Lila's brand is rooted in a multi-generational family tradition. I've captured this concept through a "circle of life" theme in our color palette, symbolizing the various stages of life. This aligns with our message of crafting products suitable for individuals of all ages.


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Brand Visuals

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Little Lilas juice is produced for consumers in two sizes: 1L cartons, and 250 ML individual juice boxes. Designed with adults in mind the packages has a simplistic look with a signature purple lid. You can fuel your inner child without feeling juvenile.

Vendor Merchandise

Restaurants and cafes that carry Little Lilas will receive merchandise such as: coasters, cups, and stickers which they can place in their front window or on menus.

Branded Glass Cup

Window or Menu Stickers

Online Presence

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Ad Campaign

Little Lila’s ad campaign showcases the brand’s unique selling point, being a juice box for adults. Using energetic imagery to reveal a fun side of adulthood. These ads will be in business areas to promote a quick and healthier morning drink option for work goers.

Social Media

Instagram Post

After generations of owning a grape juice farm Little Lilas has picked up a trick or two. Using instagram they will share family recipes, ideas, and a look into the daily life of a Grape Juice Maker.

Lila’s Instagram Profile Feed

To appeal to an older audience Little Lila's instagram page will consist of well crafted imagery that promotes their love of family and tradition while also showing a fun side.

Website Landing Page