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Kylee Palmer

Christina Nguyen

Rebecca Flores

Samantha Chapman


Design Research: All Members

Art Direction: All Members

UX/UI: All Members

Copywriting: All members

Typography: Samantha Chapman

Social Media: Christina Nguyen

Digital Ads: Kylee Palmer

Photography: Kylee Palmer

Podcast: Kylee Palmer & Rebecca Flores


Established in 1991 as a small antique collective, Uncommon Objects has matured over the years into the one-of-a-kind emporium of transcendent objects that you see before you. Twenty-four hardworking antique sellers have been assembled under one roof to bring you this very genuine and sometimes quirky slice of American culture and history.

Uncommon Objects has been described as "your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids." And remember, this is no museum. This stuff is for sale. As the ultimate "green" shopping experience, there is something to satisfy your nostalgic yearnings and peak your sentimental curiosities.


The brief for this project was to translate Uncommon Object’s unique shopping experience to an online space, while keeping on-brand with their already establish aesthetic.

existing logo

updated logo

Mission + Onlyness

We relish the time worn and well loved.

We are crazy about genuine patina.

We cherish folk arts and parlor crafts from around the world.

We reflect the melting pot that is the American experience.

We adore ingenious repair.

We thrill at creative solutions.

We love good design.

We honor beauty found in unexpected places.

We enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

We are inspired by the joy found in serendipity.

We are Uncommon Objects.

*Repurposed from

The only curated antique shop that offers an unique online experience.

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Uncommon Object flea market, Uncommon Flea transformed into an online marketplace.

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Podcast Ad

The Mothball Prophecies podcast is about people who enjoy collecting objects and learning about their collection’s history. Creators Samantha and Jill bring on a variety of new guests every week and conduct interviews that cover topics including specific items, inspiration for collecting, family history, etc. Their audience is similar to Uncommon Objects and is an example of an ad avenue they could take because of similar audiences.

Mothball Prophecies Script

Samantha: One thing I love about local antique shops is their unique inventory and the thrill of finding objects that fit me.

Jill: It’s not so thrilling when the shop you want to explore isn’t local to you.

Samantha: That's what’s rare about Uncommon Objects and their unique online retail experience. You don’t have to live in Austin Texas to get Uncommon Object’s full aesthetic and curated treasures.

Jill: Shoppers and collectors of all things from all over can experience what this well-crafted store has to offer. With 24 in-house curators, Uncommon Objects is dedicated to finding time-worn and well-loved objects inspired for you.

  • Samantha: Visit them at to see their online collections.


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Social Media

Uncommon Objects consistently has a beautiful, well-curated instagram stream but lack utilizing stories. We created an animated story to drive traffic to the new retail website. 

Digital Ads

Digital ads will be featured on antique blogs, second-hand retail, and interior decors sites. These will engage out-of-town customers with similar aesthetics and direct them to the new online store.

Guest Blog

Uncommon Objects will have guest blogs and instagram takeovers from similar local shops to expose them to a broader “like-minded” customer base.