Kylee Palmer


Trademark | Brand Identity | Digital Extension


Funded by NASA as Kansas’ Premier Science Center, The Exploration Place has grown into much more over the years by branching out with Earth and technology learning centers. This proposed rebrand will accommodate all the immersive exhibitions EXPLOR Science & Discovery has to offer. The primary logo represents the outer space elements since that is what they’re known for and the brand extension will incorporate the Earth sciences that the museum has expanded into. Visitors will have the choice if they want to be an ‘astronaut’ or an ‘explorer’ on the digital extension and that will determine what merchandise is branded with: space or earth.

This will include a full brand development with a new name, color palette, typekit, and various touchpoints such as merchandise, signage, personalized publication, and an interactive storyline to elevate Explor Science & Discovery experience.

Logo Rebrand

Existing Logo

Rebrand Primary Logo

Rebrand Extension Logo

Color Palette

Visual Elements


Brand Voice


Stationery | Publication | Signage | Merchandise

To attract funding and donations its important to incorporate brand touchpoints that have elements of professionalism to elevate the brand and meet certain criteria's.

Exhibition Entrance Signage

Wayfinding Signage

Photo Backdrop for Memory Keepsakes – Primary Logo

Photo Backdrop for Memory Keepsakes – Logo Extension

All Access Wristband With RFDI Chip for Digital Extension

To make things easier and organize for large groups such as class field trips visitors will receive a bag at check-in with everything they need provided by the museum or arranged with the school. There will be a version with the brand extension logo and imagery for those that chose to be an explorer during their visit. The drawstring will also come in multiple colors to help children keep track of which bag is theirs.

As an opportunity to educate children on recycling there will be a recyclable water bottle system. Visitors will receive this bottle at entrance or in their all-access bag and are expected to drop off at marked location on their way out.

Digital Extension 

Summary | Ideation Process | Outcomes


Explor has many exhibitions and activities to offer but they lack a feature that connects all exhibits. Tickets are currently broken down per museum exhibit or you can purchase an all-access pass. Most people opt for the all-access because there is not much of a price difference. Being the local go to for family excursions and field trips, there’s bound to be an exhibit that is not appealing to everyone, so incorporating an interactive adventure throughout would encourage everyone to experience the whole museum. The solution is to create a digital extension active with the all-access passes. This will allow users to play through interactive storylines and will have the choice to be an Astronaut on a mission or an Explorer on a quest.

Ideation Process


Final Outcomes

Digital prototype presents the touchscreen kiosk’s functionality. Full walk through on how the activity would perform and what would transpire if you select the incorrect answer.

Life Size Mock-Up

Disability Accommodations

A significant component will be to implement a feature that makes this accessible to all. Those who require accommodations can register for a QR code that provides them access to this experience straight from their phone or other device that they’re familiar with.