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USPS Banking

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Kylee Palmer

Carol Montelongo


Research Lead: Kylee Palmer

Visual Lead: Kylee Palmer

UX Lead: Carol Montelongo

UI Lead: Kylee Palmer

Social Media: Carol Montelongo

Photography: Courtesy of Unsplash


Approximately 8.4 Million US citizens (6.5%) are considered unbanked and an additional 18.7% are considered under-banked. Some have pointed to the United States Postal Service as a solution for providing services to these individuals. This isn’t a new thing: In other countries, post offices provide some of the most common banking services. In fact, until 1966, so did the USPS!


To provide a safe user-friendly banking service specifically accommodating for under-banked and unbanked individuals so they have easy-to-use tools and educational services as a stepping stone to reaching their financial goals.


Our strategy involves leveraging the existing USPS infrastructure to establish USPS Banking, a dedicated banking branch. Through USPS Banking, we aim to address the unmet needs of certain user groups by offering a range of tailored financial solutions, capitalizing on the USPS' extensive resources.

Research Summary

User Journeys

Low Income | Elderly | Immigrant | Young Adult

Low Income

Bethany in a single, under-banked mother living paycheck-to-paycheck. In the past she has had to use predatory loans to make ends meet. Having access to a website or a mobile app would be beneficial for Bethany's busy life with paying bills and budgeting her account.


To help ease Bethany's pains, we created a mobile app and website. This will provide her with banking on the go and a better way to pay bills. She also has access to low-interest loans and financial guidance. The key distinction between USPS Banking and a traditional bank account lies in the absence of a debit card. USPS Banking serves as a transitional stage towards financial stability, as the exclusion of a debit card encourages users to transition to a conventional bank account when they are prepared to do so.

Mobile App

Solution for Bethany

Sketching Ideation

Phone Screen Displays

Website Home Page

We have developed a website landing page to emphasize the significance of USPS Banking to individuals who may be unfamiliar with it. Additionally, our website provides users with the option to access their accounts via desktop, catering to those who prefer this method over the mobile app.


Young immigrant female who is new to the country with little English vocabulary, but doesn’t understand financial jargon or how to get started with a banking account. It would be beneficial for Angie if there was a in person kiosk system so that if she needs assistance there is some one there to help her.


To implement a kiosk system that is set up at all local USPS locations, gas stations, grocery stores, and college campus. This system will have a call feature, so Angie will have access to guidance as needed. The kiosk will also be beneficial for her because of the language options and account features. To access her account there will be a log-in feature due to the exclusion of debit cards.

Kiosk Process

The kiosk's design originated from initial sketches depicting the layout and content of the screens. We then prioritized the key elements and proceeded to develop digital mock-ups accordingly.

Kiosk Home Screen

Beginning loading screen to inform customers of multiple language options

Kiosk Options Page

Kiosk Loan Display


Ralph is a retired mechanic that spends his day taking care of his dog and helping his neighbors with gardening. Other than that, Ralph doesn’t like leaving his home. He could benefit from utilizing USPS mailing services for banking.


Utilizing the mailing services already in place, USPS banking will include an envelope system allowing Ralph to deposit money and pay bills from home. This feature will include multiple language options as well as monthly and bi-monthly receiving plans set to the date(s) of your choosing.

Mail Carrier System

We designed a system that includes three types of envelopes: the deposit envelope, the bill pay envelope, and the outer envelope. Both the deposit and bill pay envelopes come with slips, enabling users to include as many transactions as needed for that period. The outer envelope is intended to house the other two and should be completed and placed in your mailbox

Outer Envelope

Bill Pay / Deposit Envelopes

Bill Pay Slips (English/Spanish)

Deposit Slips (English/Spanish)

Young Adult

Carlos is a young hispanic college student who is in debt from taking out student loans and is struggling to make it day-by-day. He has hurt his credit score and could benefit if the apps he already used had learning tips and tools about reaching financial stablility.


To utilize social media apps Carlos is already using as an opportunity to educate him and other young adults on banking systems, loans, managing finances, etc. Using Instagrams highlight reel feature we created "online brochures" that are easy to follow and provide helpful information about banking.

Instagram Story/ Highlight Reel