Kylee Palmer


Design Research | UX/UI


The project brief was to create an enterprise app to improve the daily work flow for visual merchandisers with the clothing company, Garage. Visual merchandising is the retail practice of designing and executing in-store displays in order to engage shoppers and increase sales.


Employees are currently using multiple apps to complete daily tasks such as manage inventory, communicate to other store, and get company updates. This is unorganized and becomes time consuming. Garage is nation-wide and by not having a set visual resource guide stores lack cohesion which takes away from the brand's aesthetic.


To create a helpful, quick, and easy-to-use enterprise app tailored for visual merchandisers at Garage. This app will improve the work flow for employees by having a space to organize and complete their daily tasks. The functionalities will include much needed tools and resources to keep each store cohesive, on-brand, and running smoothly.


Login Flow | Tab Bar Screens | Discover Flow

Login Flow

Tab Displays

Dashboard Tab Screen

Resources Tab Screen

Community Page Screen

Inventory Manager Screen

Profile/Setting Screen

Resources Tab Flow

Resources Tab Display: showing feed of posts your follows of the account have liked or shared.

Ability to filter resources by the search icon which allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Search with applied filters will be broken up into three categories; imagery, videos, and articles.

Screen display of how the image section will be organized with auto-load as you scroll.

Display of Video Section

Display of Article Section

Brand Identity

Voice | Brand Elements


Who is Garage?




”A casual clothing brand for young women who are fun and effortlessly sexy. With a spotlight on denim, our everyday basics and ‘gram-worthy’ trends are made to inspire confidence.”

* This is how Garage defines themself as a brand across their social media and website.

Images to representing Garage’s aesthetic

Brand Elements


Four Pain Point Solutions | Final Feedback

Pain Point #1

No accessible source for inspiration and learning.


To design a system that provides the ability to search with specific filters that are most beneficial. Users are able to obtain concise visual and verbal material that provides them with knowledge to keep the store in excellent condition.

Pain Point #2

Lacking an effective company-wide communication method.


In the visual merchandise app users now have a community tab. This provides them with an area to ask question, get updates, and share valuable information with other stores, company-wide.

Pain Point #3

No way to plan for incoming and outgoing inventory.


With the new Garage Inventory Manager employees are now able to see an overview of all inventory activity, post tasks, and plan the sales floor set up. This aids them to keep up with what they currently have in store and plan for the shipments they get on a weekly basis.

Pain Point #4

Requires a solution that is both swift and user-friendly, given the daily influx of tasks and distractions.


The functionality of this app will include a clean design with features that streamline all actions and make things easier for when employees are distracted and on-the-go.


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  • The Dieline



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Final Feedback

In my final stage I user tested on 4 individuals, all in retail. One user mentioned she worked for a large clothing and information got lost many times due to the use of multiple apps. Another user found it most beneficial to direct message employees from various location instead of having to look up their store phone number, call the store, and many times find out they aren’t even working that day. I learned that an applications like this would be beneficial for many clothing companies, of all sizes.