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Kylee Palmer

Christina Nguyen

Pamela Ochoa

Alexis Contreras


Design Research: All Members

Ad Campaign: All Members

Copywriting: Christina Nguyen

Social Media: Kylee Palmer

Logomark: Kylee Palmer

Webdesign: Kylee Palmer,

Pamela Ochoa, & Christina Nguyen

Photography: Courtesy of Unsplash


Lume is a deodorant unlike any other. Created by an OB/GYN, Lume is designed to safely eliminate body odor at its source everywhere on every body. Free of aluminum, baking soda, and cruelty, so you can feel confident using it on even your most sensitive areas.

Brand Assessment

With such a strong USP and no direct competitor, Lume lacks the assertive voice needed to make themselves not only a recognizable but unparalleled brand. This is also crucial in the growing market of all natural products and deodorants.

Brand Voice

Lume is “that friend”. Charismatic, relatable, supportive, and never condescending. They always have sh*t together, and they always smell good. Lume wants to promote an open conversation about bodies and body odor because hey, it’s all natural.

*no more shady aunt energy


To provide unmatched odor elimination formulated with all safe ingredients for every inch of every body, all the damn time.


Lume is the only doctor-developed deodorant made to safely eliminate odor on all parts of the body.



Visual Direction

Logo Rebrand | Color Palette | Typography

Logo Rebrand

Created by a type treatment to the typeface All Round Gothic, the updated logo represents how Lume is safe on all areas of your body. Whether it’s above or below the belt, Lume has got you covered.

existing logo

updated logo


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